What can we do to make sure we get a good authoring experience in AEM?

I want a good authoring experience in AEM. How can we get that?

We get asked this question a lot with new customers to AEM. The promise that Adobe gives is a great authoring experience. One of the main abilities of AEM is that you can customize the Authoring system to create a tool or set of tools that works best for the users of the system, the authors. Adobe itself continues to try to improve the base set of tools to give authors more and more control.

So our primary recommendation to accomplish this is to employ what we call an Authoring Advocate. This is a stakeholder that understands the author’s needs and can give feedback to the development team. A person whose express job it is to capture the requirements for how content will be authored. This way developers are not the ones solely in charge of deciding how someone authors in AEM. In reality we would want to make sure that the Authoring Advocate is working with them along the way to create good and useful authoring dialogs and tools. We have found that this can be incredibly helpful and time saving.