The Versatility of Tags in AEM

Taxonomy should never be a last-minute rush job for your web channel, especially in dealing with Adobe Experience Manager. As an enterprise organization using AEM, I assume that you are going to have a fairly large and robust taxonomy. When implementing your AEM site, it is critical to take some time to think about the content of the site that will be consumed by readers as well as how authors will author content, so that you and your development team know how to best use your corporate tag structure. Otherwise, you might leave out something critical.

I recorded a podcast and wrote a blog post about the versatility of Tags for Adobe Experience Manager that outlines some of the ways that you can use tags in your AEM implementation for our sister site In those articles I outline three ways that they can be used:

  • Metadata
  • Defining structure of the site or content
  • Consumable content (which can come in many forms)

Tags really are quite ubiquitous. Go check out our articles and let us know, via twitter @axis41, if you are using tags in a different way than what we outlined.