The Unveiling of Adobe Experience Cloud

During our time getting to know and presenting among some of the best Adobe software and marketing experts at Adobe Summit 2017, we learned about Adobe’s new service offering: Adobe Experience Cloud. This new package is comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Analytics Cloud. From an Adobe marketing services standpoint, it’s everything a company might need to maximize marketing efforts, streamline content usage, and really attain an industry-leading boost in customer reach. Here’s a brief look at the pieces comprising the Adobe Experience Cloud:

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud: a combination of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social, and Adobe Primetime—for managing and creating campaigns while guiding customers through a positive brand experience.
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud: a platform for cross-channel advertising (from TV to digital formats) in order to maintain brand integrity as well as quality of content.
  • Adobe Analytics Cloud: a tool that integrates customer data from all customer touchpoints to provide real-time detail about individual customers or defined target audiences.

Adobe Experience Cloud was built in the Adobe Cloud Platform, which developers love, as it allows marketers to render content effectively and without delay to any device. This improves content’s aesthetic appeal and also the efficiency of its delivery. As it does this, it stores customer data and content from a variety of different portals centralized and at your fingertips. The Adobe Experience Cloud also includes the new Sensei artificial intelligence; that essentially streamlines data analysis for a better understanding of customer needs and quick, effective market reach. Additionally, to make development with Adobe’s entire cloud suite easier, they have created— “a single source for developer-focused product documentation, up-to-date information about the Adobe Cloud Platform and access to the Adobe I/O Console” ( This way, developers can register API keys, more easily connect applications to other Adobe services, and “inspect log and debug messages.”

Our digital world is rapidly transforming consumer science—something Adobe recognizes and actively studies to create more robust and effective tools. The announcement of Adobe Experience Cloud is a step into the future of marketing. Bundling these tools and architecting them to work together gives Adobe customers new-found abilities for real-time, authentic customer reach.

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