The Ever Increasing Importance of Multichannel Campaigns

Multichannel Marketing and Choice

Multichannel marketing (also referred to as channel marketing, cross-channel marketing, omnichannel marketing, and even holistic marketing), is paving the path of the marketing landscape. Never before have consumers been completely inundated from multiple touchpoints that are customized for their own personal experiences. That’s because multichannel marketing is all about enabling consumers with the power of choice (while simultaneously crafting their experiences in a way that guides them to the choice you would like for them to make). It’s about knowing where consumers can be found, hitting them at every touchpoint, both via indirect and direct communication channels, and allowing them to take action using the channel of their choice.

Furthermore, multichannel marketing provides the greatest return on investment. According to SAS, a leading business analytics software and services company, “multichannel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers do.”

But there are a few key things to keep in mind on your path to creating multichannel marketing success stories.

Create and maintain a single view of the customer across all channels.
Since consumers today oftentimes interact with your brand in multiple ways and at various touchpoints, it’s critical to establish a customer view that consolidates all of their information and allows your view to evolve as they do.

Establish a multichannel marketing platform.
Processes. Technology. Management. Analytics. These are just some of the items that need to be included in your multichannel marketing platform, not only because they allow you to integrate the old with the new, but also because (when done correctly) the campaign can be replicated and serve as the framework for all future multichannel campaigns.

Create consistent customer experiences across all channels.
Do not treat each channel as its own entity, but rather look at them as part of the whole. Consumers won’t be impressed if a fantastic in-store experience is followed by a dreadful phone call with Customer Service. Remember that you’re not just selling a product or service, but you’re creating customer experiences. Keep them (consistently) great.

The Future of Multichannel Marketing

So what does the future of multichannel marketing really look like?

Revenew, a through-channel marketing automation platform, has eight predictions as to the future of channel marketing in 2016. Let’s consider three of the most important predictions and their key implications for you.

  1. Partners will become main players in the buyer’s journey.
    Today it is critical for brands to be found at every stage of the buyer’s journey. “In 2016 you’ll need to go beyond aligning your central marketing to this new landscape, and begin to equip partners with the tools and content needed to participate in this digital buyer’s journey.
  1. Personalization will come to the partner experience.
    Personalization, which has been a successful customer tactic to-date, is now being applied to the channel. “The top brands will go beyond personalized distribution and will bring personalized partner experiences to their channel marketing platforms. They will work to better understand their partners’ needs and goals in order to provide them customized user experiences…
  1. The next generation of to-partner marketing will emerge.
    Consider the value you can provide by focusing on holistic marketing, bearing in mind that it is “…predict(ed) that to-partner marketing will begin to shift from ‘batch and blast’ communications to engagement marketing. Brands will leverage new methods of communication and will focus more on providing their partners with value rather than just informing them of new initiatives.

Leveraging the Power of the Multichannel Campaign

Multichannel campaigns are by far the best investment you can make in your marketing strategy this year, and it’s worth investigating and implementing in order to contribute to your overall business success. As marketing trends continue to point to the power of the multichannel campaign for the future, act now to plan, organize, and automate personalized customer experiences, online and offline.

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