The Changing Landscape of the Web Content World

Recently Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, published a report that details how “digitalization is dramatically changing the role of Web Content Management.” Now viewed as a strategic imperative, Gartner predicts that “by year-end 2017 over 90% of organizations that claim success at digitalization will regard their Web Content Management (WCM) software as a mission-critical component of their success.”

In light of this estimate, it’s important that marketing practitioners and IT leaders understand the changing content landscape as they work to incorporate Web Content Management into their overall strategy moving forward.

The Report

The report discusses the need for organizations to shift their thinking; no longer is it acceptable to create “Web pages—rather, they need to deliver “digital experiences.” And in order to fulfill that need, organizations need a Web Content Management software application to manage the complexity.

Since Web Content Management will increasingly become a necessity in the quest to deliver content that is impactful—and personal—we recommend taking the “three macro trends that are shaping and driving the WCM market” to heart (see chart below).


Implications for You

As an organization, you will need to determine the possibilities available through Web Content Management and how it “can perform symbiotically with adjacent technologies, services and information sources (such as CRM, marketing tools and different forms of analytics, respectively).”

But first you need to choose a Web Content Management software application.

While there are several Web Content Management systems to choose from, Gartner also published a report that named Adobe Marketing Cloud as one of the best enterprise content management systems for large businesses. And because Adobe Marketing Cloud enables seamless transition to its Web Content Management platform (Adobe Experience Manager), you can target content to create immersive experiences.

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