The Benefits of Adobe Summit for Marketing Cloud Users

Adobe Summit is a yearly conference for marketers and technicians who use the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions, or who want to use them. This conference is where Adobe unveils the latest upgrades of software, gives multi-day trainings, offers breakout sessions, and discusses cogent marketing trends in various markets. I have been able to attend since 2013, and have found the conference to be incredibly beneficial to helping me understand the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Specialized sessions on both the technical and business practitioner aspects of these solutions have helped me each year, and have given me useful information to share with my teams to improve our internal processes. From a high level, the benefits of going include picking up a wealth of information, the chance to network, and opportunities to meet industry leaders and integration/implementation partners who can help you with your job.

Axis41 is one of those implementation partners, and is a Platinum Sponsor. This is the fourth year that we will be attending the conference. Because of our expertise and Platinum status, we will be presenting at one of the breakout sessions. This year, we will be presenting alongside Pacific Dental Services. The title of our session is “495 customizable websites, all on-brand, in less than 100 days? Here’s how.” In it, we will discuss how we helped Pacific Dental (through the entire process of design, development, and launch) create a complete web platform, using Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Media Optimizer. The new platform allows flexibility to the site owners and lets PDS maintain control of the brand, without completely reengineering their already existing systems.

Joey Smith and I, the co-hosts of our sister site, will also be attending the event. We are excited to catch several sessions on subjects that we want to learn more about. I personally am looking forward to attending some of the sneak peak sessions about AEM. The rest of the time we will be in the Axis41 booth and available to discuss a variety of subjects around Adobe Experience Manager implementations and integrating with other parts of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. So, if you will be at Adobe Summit 2016, please feel free to stop by the Axis41 booth and chat with some of the authors of MarketingCloud41 and