Should I be using the Touch UI in AEM?

Yes! Adobe has made a lot of advancements with Adobe Experience Manager (formerly CQ) since they purchased it back in 2009. I would have assumed that they would have done that, since it is one of the showcase solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. One of the big advancements was changing the user interface from the original or Classic Interface to the newer and cleaner Touch Interface.

It might help to understand the reasoning behind why. As the name “Touch Interface” indicates this is to help make it easier for people who might use touch screens to accomplish their various content tasks. Essentially a mind set of “mobile first”. While I wouldn’t want to edit my website on a mobile phone, having the ability to make a quick change or to comment on an asset being worked on by your design team is an improvement to what the Classic UI offered, which was a clunky and difficult system to use unless you have a properly sized screen.

I know it can be tough to change when you may be used to how things function but it is clear that Adobe is taking all of their systems and Solutions to the Touch UI style. The good news is that if you are just now starting with AEM then you probably will start with the Touch UI. Those of you that need to upgrade will have to bite the bullet. Bottom line, it’s time to embrace Adobe’s Touch Interface.

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