Pacific Dental Services and the Adobe Marketing Cloud

While not exactly a franchise model, Pacific Dental Services is responsible for the branding, marketing, web presence, and physical locations of all of the supported dentists (495+) that are part of their organization. Faced with this unique model, the Pacific Dental Services team asked, “how can each supported dentist have the control necessary to put their own unique content on their site while maintaining the Pacific Dental Services brand?” For Pacific Dental Services and their supported dentists, the Adobe Marketing Cloud was the answer.

Pacific Dental Services shared their experience with Adobe Marketing Cloud, specifically Adobe Experience Manager, with the attendees at Adobe Summit 2016 (see the full session here) and the Vice President of Marketing, Matt Hall, sat down with Joey Smith and I to chat on our sister site,  He discussed some of the business reasons and considerations PDS took before choosing to use Adobe Experience Manager to control all of the websites, and you can listen to the podcast over there. We also discussed:

  • Using Analytics to drive user experience
  • Who they got buy-off from before purchasing (hint: it was their IT team)
  • How their implementation plays into the use of their other Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions
  • Considerations for choosing an implementation partner

If you’d like to view a case study regarding Pacific Dental Services, visit our parent site,, here.  Or, if you want more information about how other organizations are choosing to use AEM and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, then subscribe to this blog.