Is the Dispatcher important during the development phase of your project?

Yes! People can get too laser focused. “I just need to do this one thing and then I am done”, type of attitude. The Dispatcher is often an afterthought for many Adobe Experience Manager Developers. Part of good development is the ability to see the entire landscape of how your small part plays in the entire scheme. This problem happens all the time when developers don’t test their code all the way to the dispatcher level. All they worry about is if the authoring tool can generate whatever content is necessary for that component or template.

As you work with AEM more and more you will notice a trend: the overall health of a site is closely connected with how well the site can be cached. How well the Dispatcher is utilized. And, you need to make sure that you are caching more than just the mark up around the site. You gotta cache the content too. That is why it is critical for an AEM developer to make sure that they pay close attention to the Dispatcher level. Ignoring this can be disastrous to your project.

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