Hotel Modo and AEM Mobile

I recently had the opportunity to travel on a roadshow of sorts with Adobe to show off the features and functions of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Presenting on behalf of Axis41, I highlighted AEM Mobile using a proof of concept (POC) app for a fictitious company, Hotel Modo. Because Axis41 has a team of Adobe Experience Manager implementation specialists, and Adobe Certified Experts, we were able to build the Hotel Modo slimmed-down app to highlight specific features in five weeks, from start to finish (design, development, testing, etc.)—a nice nod to how easy the system was to work with and also what a dedicated team of professionals can do when up against a tight deadline. Because of our participation with them, Adobe wrote up a blog post based on the work we did with AEM Mobile and the Hotel Modo app. Below is a video of myself and Jon, Axis41’s Vice President of Business Development, that Adobe made to talk about some of the features of AEM Mobile.  Subscribe to learn more about AEM and its products like AEM Mobile.