Four Marketing Tips from KPMG and T-Mobile’s Summit Presentation

Adobe Summit 2017 had a lot to offer marketers this year. The presentations were really informative and, at times, quite entertaining. One in particular was Axis41’s session with Merkle called “KPMG and T-Mobile: Unleashing the power of Adobe to optimize operations.” It touched on a variety of uses for Adobe Marketing Cloud as well as shared some great general marketing best practices. This presentation was a discussion with Peter Francis (VP, Digital Sales, T-Mobile) and Shaun Glazer (Executive Director, National Pursuit Resource Center, KPMG) led by our parent company’s talented David Skinner (VP, Alliances, Merkle). Here are four major tips from this session that really stuck with me:

1. Adobe Marketing Cloud can act as an on-premise “content headquarters”

As shared by KPMG’s Shaun Glazer, the Adobe Marketing Cloud is not just for cloud-hosted content. It can be utilized as a closely governed tool to house valuable marketing assets. In KPMG’s case, the Adobe Marketing cloud acts as an internal content portal for over 25,000 users in the U.S. It is a place where content can be housed and organized to better facilitate effective and very customized marketing. This allows their internal teams to efficiently access and customize marketing assets to better reach their external clientele.

2. “Decision, execution and analysis” on the same channel can be a game-changer

We learned from Peter Francis that T-Mobile brings together Adobe and other solutions to reach a broad base of customers and centralize their marketing efforts. Peter shared that the best marketing tools are the ones that allow you to utilize your set of tools and accomplish “decision, execution and analysis” all on the same channel—hence T-Mobile’s transformative marketing efforts in reaching customers in an industry-changing way.

3. The best marketing technologies facilitate authoring in all marketing mediums

Peter Francis said, “the best technologies are the ones that disappear into the fabric of life; it’s not about the medium, it’s about the message.” Adobe Marketing Cloud is used for many formats of marketing communication, whether offline or online—which in many ways is revolutionary. This helps companies better control the customer experience and keep it consistent and positive. After all, customer experience is about how you behave as a brand and not limited to fonts and colors.

4. Focus on the important parts of analytics

We heard from both Peter and Shaun on this topic. As marketers, we shouldn’t miss the chance to have effective analytics by just using “standard analytics” options. It’s important to fully understand which pieces of data customers are trying to understand, what they find useful and then what they actually consume. With so many data capturing tools available, it is easy to get lost in a sea of numbers. Don’t just look for which content pieces customers are exposed to—dig deeper to discover the why. Why did your customers visit a certain page and how were they consuming that data? The “why” should never be overlooked when applying analytics to marketing tactics.

Listen to the entire “KPMG and T-Mobile: Unleashing the power of Adobe to optimize operations” presentation at the Adobe Summit 2017 website. For more marketing tips, especially those related to Adobe Marketing Cloud, subscribe today.