A Video Look at AEM and its Features

It’s always a struggle to help people understand what Adobe Experience Manager is. A lot of what is written about the solution by Adobe is sometimes vague and, understandably from their perspective, very sales and marketing heavy. Pure and simple Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise content management system with a ton of features that allow large organizations to control their content. I’ve written about it a couple of times (see what I’ve written here). But we thought it might be nice to have this presented in a different format, other than the written word, and have created a video series to help you understand, at a basic level, what is in AEM.

In this first video, I give some background about what AEM is, what it isn’t, its history, and a bit of terminology (to help you understand the way Adobe classifies and defines certain things). We will take a short dive into the basic functionality of each of AEM’s Capabilities over the coming weeks. Please watch the video below and stay tuned for the next video about AEM Sites.

If you are interested in watching the entire playlist, click here to watch.