A review of the Adobe Social Component Framework in AEM

In the summer of 2014, I watched Siddharth Palaniswami present a dev.day.com session about Adobe Social Component Framework in Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. In his presentation, he explores the Adobe Social Component Framework (SCF), explaining that it is included in the AEM 6.0 version, but if you’re on 5.6.1 all you have to do is download the feature pack 1.4 to take advantage of it.

A closer look at SCF

During the session, Siddharth gave a brief history of Adobe Social Component Framework and touched on a few pain points like customization difficulties and poor reusability. He then went over some out-of-the-box components—from communities, to forums and how they can be applied within the SCF framework. He also mentioned the ability for users to customize or override the functions that come standard including color schemes, layout and much more.

Siddharth also went into detail about improvements to SCF including the server and client-side extensibility, operational extensions for social components as well as voting extensions, moderation controls and much more. For a more technical rundown of Siddharth’s presentation, see our sister site, AEMPodcast.com.