A Look at Adobe Experience Manager 6.3: Assets

At Adobe Summit 2017, in Las Vegas, I was able to attend the breakout session of new features for AEM 6.3 Assets titled “What’s new in Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM features”. In this session, Elliot Sedegah and Josh Ramirez from Adobe discussed and showed some of the most notable changes for AEM Assets. I wrote up a summary of these new features for our sister site, AEMPodcast.com, including some commentary from myself about each item. Some of the features you can expect to see in the latest version include: improved desktop app, enhancements to Smart Tagging, improved Search for Assets, 3D rendering (my personal favorite of the presentation), and much more.

These new features of AEM 6.3 Assets, will continue to help marketers create meaningful experiences on the web. Subscribe to this blog for more Adobe Experience Manager information and articles.