A first look at Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Sites

I was able to attend the session “What’s new in AEM Sites 6.1: Top 10 hottest features” during Adobe Summit 2015, and wrote an article for our sister site, AEMPodcast.com, to summarize what I learned. During the session, a few of Adobe’s experts discussed some of the most notable changes for Sites. Some of the features you can expect to see in the new version include a more integrated screen-to-screen experience, enhanced personalization of content abilities, analytics metric migration that can be displayed on AEM, and much more.

The features of Adobe Experience Manager you didn’t hear about

Along with the list of the new features to look for by Adobe, we were able to see other new improvements with things like scaffolding, tags in Touch UI, design mode, and other items, as part of the Beta program. These new additions to AEM 6.1 Sites will continue to help marketers create truly immersive experiences on the Web and understand their audiences on a deeper level. To learn more, find the full article on AEMPodcast.com.

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